Freezing and packing

Entrance to the freezing tunnel

The product is placed in stevedoring cars, to be taken to the freezing tunnels, where it will be at a temperature of -18 ° C to about -30 ° C.

This process is the previous freezing before being introduced to the master box and the process takes about 12 hours.

Review of packaging and sealing in master

Once frozen, they proceed to cartoning in masters, which consists of placing 10 5-pound boxes in each master and the cardboard is tied together.

The masters contain the description and quantity of boxes inside the same with the production date and the expiration date of the product and in some cases the clients require that the country of origin be included on the label.

Compliance highest standard in the industry

Aqualinter S.A. is committed to satisfying the current global demands in the constant change of quality and food safety. That means that we are constantly updating ourselves on the well-known Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) program and its requirements, which we comply with 100%.

An important part of our processes is the annual review of each of our suppliers and the identification of areas of vulnerability or deficiencies to identify and seek an improvement of the process and seek its improvement. In the review we include the areas of raw material sourcing, processing, labeling, storage and handling.

+ 500

Control processes carried out from our beginnings to the present.

We work hand in hand with our suppliers to improve the sustainability of production processes.

W. Jara