Shrimp experts

Since 2006, Aqualinter S.A. has developed the resources to successfully manage the supply, harvesting and processing of shrimp farming for the whole world.

Our mission is to bring premium, sustainable seafood products to restaurants, retailers, distributors and food services globally.

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Full control during

Aqualinter S.A., owns and operates its own facilities for quality and consistency control of each product produced under our brand.

Our combined experience and knowledge allow us to tap into a global network of shrimp supplies.

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Our process

Production and

  • Larva laboratory.
  • Harvesting larva.
  • Sow in pre-breeding.
  • Pre-breeding harvest.
  • Process in pool.
  • Final harvest.
  • QA. *


  • Shrimp laying in hopper.
  • Enter the inspection band.
  • Sorting process by weight and size.
  • Weighing for packaging.
  • Sealed in box and labeled.
  • QA. *

Freezing and

  • Entrance to the freezing tunnel.
  • 12 hours of freezing.
  • QA. *
  • Review of packaging and sealing in Master.

Storage and

  • Final frozen.
  • QA. *
  • Organoleptic sampling.
  • Shipment.

All our shrimp from harvest, selection, packing, storage, freezing and shipment for export strictly maintain the cold chain.

Export to the world

We maintain a monthly production of 20 to 22 tons of shrimp, with exports of 5 to 7 containers.

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